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Meet the Masters

An Inspiring and Award Winning
Art Education Program
Grades I - VIII

Meet the masters
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Meet the masters
Meet The Masters Meet The Masters
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Meet The Masters
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Meet The Masters

3 Difficulty Levels based on your child’s learning
capabilities assure a perfect fit for each and every student!

Step 1: Introducing the Masters - Online Slide Show Assembly
The Meet The Masters experience begins with a multi-media online assembly where children learnabout the fascinating lives and famous works of the Master Artists. Interactive questions and multi-media content will keep the student’s interest while walking through a virtual museum filled with interesting stories and facts.

The Multi-Media Online Assembly is geared to the level of your child’s comprehension, with ageappropriate questions.

Sample of Step 1 Level 1: Ages 5-7
What word would you use to describe how Van Gogh is feeling in this self-portrait? (SAD, UNHAPPY, TIRED, RESTLESS) Vincent Van Gogh wanted his brushstrokes to show feelings.
Do you think these brushstrokes in his self portrait show feelings?(YES) Vincent was lonely because he did not have any friends. He also was upset because he could not sell any of his paintings on which he worked so long and hard. He seemed all mixed up in his feelings about being an artist.

Sample of Step 1 Level 2: Ages 8-9
Do you think Vincent looks quite old in this portrait? (YES) Actually,he was only about 30 years old when he painted this. All the lines you see on his face are not wrinkles, they are his BRUSHSTROKES.
That is how he applied color. He didn’t smoothly blend his brushstrokes but allowed them to be visible.Do you see any colors in his face that are not normal skin colors? (YES) Vincent always placed great importance on showing feelings in his paintings. How would you describe how he was feeling here? (SAD, UNHAPPY, TIRED, LONELY)

Sample of Step 1 Level 3: Ages 10 - Adult
(Audio: Starry, Starry Night) After listening to the lyrics and seeing his portrait, what can you surmise about his life? Do you think he was happy or sad? (SAD) Did you hear the lyrics " Starry,starry night....?" Starry Night is the name of one of Van Gogh’s most famous paintings that I’m going to show you now.
Step 2: Learning From - Technique Workbook Pages
Step 2 moves away from the computer to a work-space (table or desk). Students will complete a follow up Technique Packet that is used to review the Master Artist introduction, practice art techniques and preview the upcoming art activity.

Each age level is appropriate to the student&rsquos; level of understanding and ability to follow instruction.
Step 3: Working With - Hands-on Art Activity
The art activities are designed so that students of all ages can be successful with their art project. For almost all units,levels use the same art supplies, so children of different age levels can be instructed during the learning packet and art activity steps at the same time- just given instructions that are age appropriate to their level.
What`s included
Level 1: Ages 5 to 7
Appropriate for KG. to 2nd Grade
Level 2: Ages 8 to 10
Appropriate for 3rd to 5th Grade
Level 3: Ages 10 to Adult
Appropriate for 6th grade and above
Meet The Masters
Meet The Masters
Meet The Masters
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Meet The Masters Meet The Masters
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