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Meet the Masters

An Inspiring and Award Winning
Art Education Program
Grades I - VIII

Meet the masters
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Meet the masters
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Meet The Masters
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Meet The Masters
Meet the masters Frequently Asked Questions
Program Questions
Art Program
     How will AIE help train our teachers to implement this Art Program ?
     Meet the Masters is designed to be very easy to implement for all schools. The AIE will work with your school and art teachers to help with training to use the program. Your school and art teacher will become proficient with the systems with step by step instructions and detailed lesson plans.
     How much classroom time does it take to finish 1 complete session with 1 Master ?
     On average, each session will take between 2 and 3 hours of classroom time to complete and will depend on various factors like space, number of students per class, and teacher»s helpers etc.
     How much does the Art Program Cost Schools ?
     All AIE programs including Meet the Masters are effectively priced for the Indian and developing or emerging markets. The total cost of implementing the program is based on many different factors such as classroom size, number of total classrooms and students, level of implementation support and training. For a customized quote for your school or group of schools, please contact us for further details.
     Does the program require special materials or mediums ?
     Meet the Masters is a diverse art program that utilizes a variety of mediums and materials through the course of the curriculum however, units are carefully designed and selected to ensure that all materials are easily and readily available throughout India and emerging markets.
     How will the program benefit our School if we have an extensive Art Program?
     Meet the Masters is a very rich and diverse art program which, through its course, introduces the background and techniques of 35 world famous artists. Schools that have extensive art programs are also greatly benefited by Meet the Masters as well. Each of the 35 modules are independent and easily assimilates and integrates into the your school’s art programs.
What`s included
Level 1: Ages 5 to 7
Appropriate for KG. to 2nd Grade
Level 2: Ages 8 to 10
Appropriate for 3rd to 5th Grade
Level 3: Ages 10 to Adult
Appropriate for 6th grade and above
Meet The Masters
Meet The Masters
Meet The Masters
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